Lima: Linux Machines

Lima launches Linux virtual machines with automatic file sharing and port forwarding (similar to WSL2).

✅ Automatic file sharing

✅ Automatic port forwarding

✅ Built-in support for containerd (Other container engines can be used too)

✅ Intel on Intel

ARM on Intel

✅ ARM on ARM

Intel on ARM

✅ Various guest Linux distributions: AlmaLinux, Alpine, Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Oracle Linux, Rocky, Ubuntu (default), …

Related project: sshocker (ssh with file sharing and port forwarding)

This project is unrelated to The Lima driver project (driver for ARM Mali GPUs).


The original goal of Lima was to promote containerd including nerdctl (contaiNERD ctl) to Mac users, but Lima can be used for non-container applications as well. Lima also supports non-macOS hosts (Linux, NetBSD, etc.).

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