Colima (third-party project)

“How does Lima relate to Colima?”

Colima is a third-party project that wraps Lima to provide an alternative user experience for launching containers.

The key difference is that Colima launches Docker by default, while Lima launches containerd by default.

containerdlimactl startcolima start --runtime=containerd
Dockerlimactl start template://dockercolima start
Podmanlimactl start template://podman-
Kuberneteslimactl start template://k8scolima start --kubernetes

The colima CLI is similar to the limactl CLI, but there are subtle differences:

CPUslimactl start --cpus=4colima start --cpu=4
Reverse SSHFSlimactl start --mount-type=reverse-sshfscolima start --mount-type=sshfs
Rosettalimactl start --rosettacolima start --vz-rosetta
Access to VM by IPlimactl start --network=lima:sharedcolima start --network-address