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    NOTE Lima is not regularly tested on ARM Mac (due to lack of CI).


    • QEMU 7.0 or later (Required, only if QEMU driver is used)
    brew install lima

    Homebrew formula is available here. Supports macOS and Linux.

    sudo port install lima


    Download the binary archive of Lima from, and extract it under /usr/local (or somewhere else).

    brew install jq
    VERSION=$(curl -fsSL | jq -r .tag_name)
    curl -fsSL "${VERSION}/lima-${VERSION:1}-$(uname -s)-$(uname -m).tar.gz" | tar Cxzvm /usr/local

    The source code can be found at

    git clone
    cd lima
    make install

    To change the build configuration, run make config or make menuconfig.

    This requires kconfig tools installed, it is also possible to edit .config. The default configuration can be found in the file (make syntax).

    Kconfig tools

    The tools are available as either “kconfig-frontends” or “kbuild-standalone”. There is one conf for the text, and one mconf for the menu interface.

    A python implementation is available at It can be installed with pip install --user kconfiglib, including guiconfig.